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About Me

  Posted by Ruslani   on  June 1st, 2011    Updated on

Hi... I am Ruslani from Indonesia, The large country with more than ten thousand islands in South East Asia region.

Right now, I am trying to be a sophisticated person. I am a full time internet marketer, professional online researcher, And self proclaimed 'Archaelogy nerd'. I love The Arts too, Especially The Graphic Arts. I always try to enjoy this fabulous gift by God called life

I am interested in many languages and cultures. I love all good articles! So... I created this website as a guide to help everyone find all the best in tutorials.

There are thousands of sites online offering information on all things. Some provide very helpful information or article about good things and some are a total waste of your valuable time and money. I always try to create articles that provide very helpful information.

If you are looking for coolest articles, I am with confidence making you sure that you will find my website helpful! Thank you very much for visiting my website.

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