Effective Learning

Posted by Ruslani on October 10, 2011  

Effective learning is commonly known as meaningful learning or the effective way to learn quickly and efficiently. When Learning something we should find the easy ways to learn.

Effective Learning

Effective learning is usually done by learning to know ourselves first. Learn about our habits. And the main thing is we are ready to learn to know what we want. Due to the strong desire, we can be very focused.

So the way to learn effectively is being focused. That is the focus on the lesson that is being studied or practised. Learn to focus, means: Very serious, Trying hard and concentrate.

being focused is the basic of the effective learning
A person can become very focused, if anything he learned, he liked, and fun for him. Especially if it means the focus to the things they want. Automatically, he or she will be very focused.

One example of how to focus, as the following: If you look at, Or maybe you yourself have experienced. That is when a man tried to get love from a woman whom he loved with all his heart. Usually the man will be very focused, and trying hard to get it quickly.

In terms of how to learn effectively, we should emulate the example above. That is: We like the lesson, plus the focus. And try to understand the lesson or science with a more efficient way. This is an effective way of learning.

Focus and desire to get the knowledge is a powerful factor in terms of learning how to study effectively and efficiently. You can probably imagine a time when you do not have the desire. Surely you would just laze around, aren’t you?

Other factors that can easily learn effectively are environmental factors and insights. The human mind is identical with what he or she knew, he saw and felt. That insight or knowledge. Our subconscious mind is controlled by where we receive information.

So suppose you want to be able to understand the science of physics, then the most effective way is you have to like the physical sciences, then you should have a hobby of reading articles or papers that relate closely to the science of physics. And will be even better, if you want to socialize in an environment of people who do like the physical sciences such as yourself. Maybe there you can share knowledge about physics and can learn together. So there will be many more physics you can understand.

Reading the course material at the time before and after sleep at night. This method is the best way to learn to make your mind in order to better understand the learning materials.

About Persistence, in case of effective learning methods
If we want to look at ways and attitudes of the pioneers of the world of science such as Thomas A. Edison. is about how he made the light bulb.

Thomas Edison was so determined that he managed to make the electric light bulb with a very effective, which is a lighting device which in that era people had not found someone who managed to make it. The discovery and manufacture of electric light bulb is one example of the perseverance.

If we want something and then we learn it and do the research properly. Then we do all the process continuously with diligent and conscientious, so god willing, we will quickly get it.

So perseverance is a way of doing something that is continuously and effectively to succeed. And persistence will be there by itself in our subconscious mind. The trick is if we have the desire.

In case of learning something we all should always think that we can quickly understand, we always have to put the elements of this persistence in our minds, because diligent in learning means continuously learning to understand. Let us learn everything through the effective learning.

Hope this article about the effective learning can be useful.

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