Internet Tips For Parents

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Internet tips for parents are needed because the internet technology moves so fast. As internet users and self-proclaimed as parents we must always try to keep up with the internet safety thoroughly.

Learning more about the internet new features and exploring it. But there are many risks aimed at children by the internet and it has now become very important for every parent to protect their kids.

The intenet tips for parents I always concern, As listed below :

  1. Always think that the internet can be very useful.
  2. Keep on increasing the internet security or get safety on the internet. And always try to avoid the security risks through the understanding on cyber safety.
  3. Making sure every computer you own for yourself and your family are secured. You must always add your knowledge about The internet Safety guidelines. Or the best way, you can Install a trusted Firewall , Anti virus and Anti spyware software. Or All in One software. The softwares can avoid the internet security risks.
  4. Talk to your children about internet safety tips. Teach them how to use the internet safely.
  5. If you download something on the internet, Make sure you find the trusted website or blog.
  6. Block every blog or website that might be a risk to your security and privacy.
  7. Create different user accounts in your family computer, As parents you must own the administrator user account and give your children limited user accounts. So that you have the full control over the computer.
  8. Tell your children to keep their every password secured / secret. also tell them not to store passwords on a file in your computer.
  9. Tell your children to never share full names, home address and photographs of themselves.
  10. Prevent them from sharing personally identifiable informations. for example, school address and Telephone numbers.
  11. Always monitor where your children go online.
  12. Always remind them not to meet someone they have communicated with online only.
  13. Review your children pages periodically.

Internet Tips Before Browsing
Before visiting a website or blog, Try to use Google diagnostic tool for safe browsing. the tool will let you know if a website or blog is not currently listed as suspicious. for example: type the following url in the browser :
Try the other blogs or websites, especially the blogs and sites you used to visit.

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