All About Positive Thoughts

Posted by Ruslani on July 4, 2011   

All about positive thoughts including the effective simple ways to keep our Planet Earth healthy. Find out the things we can do to save our earth more effectively.

Save The Earth

Posted by Ruslani on December 29, 2011   

Save the Earth through effective ways we can do to reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. It's very difficult to avoid global warming. however, at least we can reduce it.
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Go Green! Save Our Earth

Posted by Ruslani on August 16, 2011   

Go green! save our Planet Earth. People around the world always celebrate the Earth Day on 22nd April every year which promote healthy environment and to keep the earth green. Greening the environment means more trees to give shade and provide fresh sources of oxygen. The best part of all is we can save more money because green products cost less. Complete article

Positive Thoughts

Posted by Ruslani on August 04, 2011   

Positive thoughts are actually the issue of learning to consentrate more positively and to express our thoughts in terms in which convey our ability to succeed in life goals and sense successful. Positive thoughts substitute helpful self-talk for the negative ones. Many of us have most of these automatic thoughts that tell our heads everyday.   Complete article

How To Create An Idea?

Posted by Ruslani  on  July 04, 2011   

What is idea?   An idea is the beginning to carry out the wishes of thinking in order to get something (Or achievement).

So, an achievement is started with the idea that has been done and finished to complete. And the idea are usually created spontaneously by a person intentionally or unintentionally due to have seen or felt something.

The world now is so advanced with many people have created many ideas and finished them, By doing all the processes that must be done.

Our achievements are started when we want something. Then we have the confidence that we could do that. with a little work or without hard work.

As Thomas A. Edison had managed to create the electric light bulb. Why He did it? Because it was dark every night at that time. He got that idea then he worked for that until finish. It turns out he had successfully completed it, As we rightnow see various kinds of light bulb in the whole planet earth.   Complete article

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