Go Green! Save Our Earth

Posted by Ruslani on August 16, 2011   

Go green! save our Planet Earth. People around the world always celebrate the Earth Day on 22nd April every year which promote healthy environment and to keep the Earth green. Greening the environment means more plants and trees to give shade and provide fresh sources of oxygen. The best part of all is we can save more money because green products cost less.

Children study at school about pollution and going green are two things they have to learn. This is really School stuff. But What happened when they go out from school? They find pollutions everywhere, Especially the air pollution in big cities.

By increasing population day by day and the increase in technology products, our mother planet is in trouble . But she can be saved if we accept to embrace the healthier green life in our daily culture. With a very small effort in our part we can lend a hand to make green earth.

Love our Mother Earth. With a positive outlook and actions, no doubt we will soon get a green Earth. Start it with ourselves first then ask the other people to do the same.

Decide to buy products made of reusable resources. If we all just do our part and respect the earth we will be saving it. Green is no longer an option. It's the only way forward. Save Our Earth Today.

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Go green! save our planet earth